Monday, December 3, 2012

Linda Lemaster (Santa Cruz, California)

2012-11 "Linda Lemaster Convicted for Resting at Human Rights Protest for the Homeless, Sentencing December Third" by Steven Argue :
Linda Lemaster, disabled, cannot sit for long periods of time, so she laid down at a 2010 protest against the anti-homeless laws that make it illegal for homeless people to sit, lie-down, or sleep in the city of Santa Cruz.
On November ninth she was convicted for this "crime" and now faces up to six months in jail under the California "anti-lodging" law. Her sentencing will be on December third.
Linda is the third person now convicted for participating in that 2010 protest.
Gary Johnson and Ed Frey have been convicted for sleeping at that same protest under the same law that Linda is being persecuted.
Gary Johnson began a six month sentence on August 27, 2012 at the Santa Cruz County jail and Ed Frey was put under house arrest for six months on August 8, 2012.
Along with the need for a revolution, a strong protest is needed for Linda on December third.
* For more on these cases see: "USA: Human Rights Activist Ordered to Six Months of Jail, More Repression Scheduled" []
* Also see: "Some History of Blatant Political Repression in Santa Cruz, California" []

Fighting our city over the cops throwing away tents, blankets, medicine, ID.
Mark Merin sued them on this in court and won, and they still do it.
Yeah, they throw away tents, ID's and other equipment here all the time as well.
Did it to Occupy Santa Cruz too.

Linda Lemaster Sentencing Support Rally:
Thursday, December 6th, 2:30-3:15 PM,
Water St. OccuPlaza @ Courthouse Steps.
Hearing: 3:30 PM
Dept. 5, Santa Cruz County Courthouse

Benefit Dinner and Legal Eagle Panel Presenting:
Support for Linda Lemaster's "lodging trial 647(e)" Conviction
Sunday December 02, from 3:30 pm - 6:00 pm

@India Joze Restaurant featuring the fine cuisine of Wok-artist Joseph Schultz, reknown for unique & multi-ethnic dishes, each meant to inspire your taste buds. Community Dinner will be served. Located across from Metro Transit Center, 418 Front St, downtown Santa Cruz, CA.
Speakers: Attorney Jonathan Gettleman, Linda's defense attorney, Kate Wells, longtime local 'free med pot' attorney & homeless civil rights, & Berkeley civil rights attorney, David Beauvais. They will speak on the struggle to end the Sleeping Ban in Santa Cruz, Ca. Lemaster may read a short poem, as well.
On Nov. 9th, Linda Lemaster was convicted under a little-used misdemeanor statute outlawing lodging, California's p.c. 647(e). She faces up to six months in jail -- the sentencing hearing slated has been postponed,TBA. Lemaster and her pro bono attorneys are considering either appealing her conviction or seeking a new trial.
"I got the anti-Lodging citation on August 10, at PeaceCamp2010 in an apparent 'accident' of timing. Funding raised through this event will be used for these very special lawyers, all of whom have represented low income and homeless people, most often for no pay at all," Lemaster said. "Please help us offer a token of support to them; I consider them each a local treasure and don't want poor folks to loose their support just because hard times are all around us."
Come for the fun and, according to Lemaster, " the best cooking in town". If you can't join us Dec 2, but want to help out, consider sponsoring a homeless guest's or other very low income person's dinner at this event. Or, paypal at "".
To follow future legal developments, including the rescheduling of sentencing hearing, check on, including calendar/comments.
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Need Further Info? - call Becky Johnson, 831 - 428 - 1595
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