Saturday, September 1, 2012

Matthew Duran

Write to Matt in Jail!!!
Writing to prisoners is an easy and important way to help ease the isolation of imprisonment. Please write letters to Matt!
Matthew Kyle Duran #42565-086
 FDC SeaTac
 P.O. Box 13900
 Seattle, WA 98191
Make sure that your name and return address, as well as Matt’s full name and inmate number, are included on the envelope and all pages of the letter. There is no limit on how many letters Matt is allowed to have in his cell at any one time. He is allowed to have up to 20 photographs in his cell at once, so send him pictures too! No Polaroids though. Letters should be written in pen on clean and plain lined paper. Letters have been turned away in the past due to small stains from coffee spills, etc., so make sure the paper is immaculate.
Please don’t write about anything potentially incriminating.

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