Monday, May 14, 2012

CBPM Political Prisoner List

"Black Unity Movement & the Collective Black People's Movement's Political Prisoner List Page is Now Live"
Greetings all,
As the President General of the UNIA-ACL government and a consultant to the Collective Black Peoples Movement (CBPM), I am both elated and pleased to see this collaboration taking place.
Unity without uniformity is the key direction all Africans both at home and abroad must manifest, in order to regain the POWER of our traditional greatest and to accomplish the task at hand to defeat the evil system of white supremacy. Marcus Garvey warned us many years ago as well as led the organizational and governmental black print and direction we can, must and will take towards regaining global unification and projects and programs to address all the issues African's have been confronted with for far too long now.
Our own apathy of reaching for authentic power and of course the wicked system of monopoly capitalism and systematic oppression of humanity and the earth. The Prisons of amerikkka have become the privatized modern day plantations, enslaving far to many of our Brothers and Sisters. Our Political Prisoners deserve our utmost support and all our incarcerated Brothers and Sisters in amerikkka, should not be treated as slaves. It is a fact all of them have become prisoners of WAR in amerikkka on our people and communities.
The CBPM, UNIA-ACL, SRDC, PADU and many other global progressive movements have formed a UJima (Collective Work and Responsibility) network under the principle's of Unity without uniformity and MA'AT. The Collective Black People's Movement has mastered a global data base, web site and means of communications for our people, to gather our skills, services and abilities to demonstrate and share self reliance and self determination.
Thank you for all the work and the interfacing with like minded revolutionaries of the 21st century. Up You Mighty Race We Can Accomplish What We Will!
Garvey and our ancestors are with us in the whirlwind, It is our duty to reclaim and win the world back towards African POWER and Race First north, south, east and west of the earth.
President General UNIA-ACL
BaBa Senghor Jawara Baye

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