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Kellie and Victor VanOrden

[], compiled by Adriana Pope
About me: Formally known as a part of the "AETA4," Adriana Pope faced U.S. Federal Indictment for two years under the Animal Enterprise Terrorist Act (AETA) until its recent dismissal in July 2010.

Support page for Kellie and Victor VanOrden (from Austin, Texas) who were arrested on October 10th, 2011 while allegedly trying to free mink from a mink ranch near Stone State Park in Iowa. Victor has been sentenced to 5 years in prison, and his wife Kellie has to serve a two month sentence in jail. Both would appreciate a letter and/or commissary money. All donations made through this website go towards past & future legal fees regarding this case.

2012-03-12 "Kellie Sentenced to Only 60 Days in Jail!"
This afternoon, at 3:00pm, Kellie stood before District Judge Steven Andreasen for attempting to release mink from a Sioux City farm.
Kellie pleaded guilty in Woodbury County District Court to releasing an animal from an animal facility and attempted third-degree burglary.
District Judge Steven Andreasen suspended a five-year prison sentence and an additional 305 days of jail time, settling on the 60-day sentence for the attempted burglary charge.
He also placed her on probation for five years and ordered her to have no contact with farm owner Steve Krage and not approach the farm for five years. Kellie will be given credit for 16 days served in jail after her arrest.
As previously reported, Kellie's husband (Victor Vanorden) was sentenced to five years in prison in February for releasing an animal from an animal facility and attempted third-degree burglary.
Both Victor and Kellie must pay $8,757 in restitution to farm owner Krage for damage to his fence.
I will soon be posting Kellie's mailing address so you can write letters to her. Her and Victor will be sharing the same Amazon Wish List, so once Kellie's address is made available, you can start ordering away. In the meantime, please consider donating $10 or $20 as there is $600 in unpaid court fees that has been handed to Victor's mom to pay (who doesn't have the money to do so.). Kellie and Victor would like me thank everyone for your continued support and generosity.

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